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All You Need To Know About Lady Escorts

Lady escorts are sex workers who, unlike street walkers, don’t display their profession in public. Instead, they work as an employee of an escort agency. So what is the history of female escorts? Here is a bit of background for the curious.

The history of escorts

Escorts date back in the ancient Near East along the Tigris-Euphrates river system. In this era there were temples and shrines also known as “houses of heaven”. This is where sacred prostitution was commonly practiced.

In the 18th century BC, lady escorts were recognizes by ancient Mesopotamia, and their property rights were protected. In these times if an escort was mistreated by their clients, the agencies came to their rescue.

What to expect from escorts

The main thing escorts do is to offer companionship. If you need someone you can talk to then you have that someone in a lady escort. It is important to understand that women who work is escort agencies earn their living the same way men do in other jobs. This means that they do it for the money.

Once you get to know a particular lady escort from an agency, you can always book her each time you need her services. When you get to know each other better and know what you like to do together, the lady escort is capable of making you enjoy her services more.

Just like any other profession, women in escort agencies love what they do since they earn from it. Although there are different circumstances that drive ladies into this occupation, most of them actually do this because they love sex. What makes most ladies stick to this profession is that most customers are good to work with. Apart from just paying them for sex, some reward them with extra gifts.

Escorts, just like other ladies who are in prostitution don’t care about how great you look or how good our body shape is. All they need is someone who knows how to treat a woman right. If you prefer taking them out to dinner first then you can do so, although it’s not part of the service and you don’t have to do that. If it’s just sex you want then you can make it clear to the agency and go straight for it. The good thing is that you can hire a lady escort not just for sex, but also to accompany you to public gatherings or company events. They are well trained and understand what to do in every circumstance see here.

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